Giving Back

"Kids on the Move” Youth Foundation

Moving the community moves the kids

Mission Statement:
Aggressive Realty helping children find their passions and their purpose.

What is our purpose in this life? Why did God place us in our social circles or in our church or in our careers? These are questions we all ask ourselves.

At Aggressive Realty, we have made it our mission to promote homeownership in an effort to stabilize our communities that are important to us. Then it was laid on our hearts… what better way to build our communities that through our youth?

The owner’s of Aggressive Realty have been blessed with eight children between the two families. Through the blessings of parenting, it has allowed them to see the needs of our youth firsthand. Whether it is a sports equipment need, band equipment, recreational facilities, academic needs or right down to a child needing a hot meal or a safe place to lay their heads… they are all needs that plague our youth.

It is a fact that if a child feels loved and important then they will thrive in any environment. It is also a fact that if our youth are involved in any productive activity then they will thrive. It is our job as adults to build up the confidence of our youth which is why Aggressive Realty is stepping up with our 20% Give Back to the Youth program.

Here's an example of the program: